Ladies Masthead


Tuesday, 2nd May, 2017, at 19:30

Wynn's Hotel, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin

CUP FINALS Saturday 4th March, 2017
Time Section Home Team Away Team Cup Winners
10:00 Under 12 Killester Liffey Celtic Liffey Celtics
11:30 Under 14 Killester Liffey Celtics Liffey Celtics
13:00 Under 16 Liffey Celtic Meteors Liffey Celtics
14:30 Under 18 DCU Mercy Oblates DCU Mercy
16:00 Under 15 Kilcock Tigers Portlaoise Panthers Portlaoise Panthers

CUP FINALS Sunday 5th March, 2017
Time Section Home Team Away Team Cup Winners
10:00 Under 13 Liffey Templeogue Liffey Celtics
11:30 Under 17 DCU Mercy Templeogue DCU Mercy
13:00 Junior Malahide Dublin Lions Malahide
14:30 Intermediate Dublin Lions Kubs KUBS
16:00 Senior Meteros1 DCU Mercy DCU Mercy

Club Child Protection Guidelines

Basketball Ireland has put together a document outlining various items with regard to Child Protection, Garda Vetting etc. Please Click Here to download document

Senior Games for next 7 Days
Date Time Division Venue Home Team Away Team
2017-03-2719:10:00Senior Ladies Division OneSt. Columbas CollegeMeteors TwoLiffey Celtics
2017-03-2720:45:00Senior Ladies Division 5Mercy College, CoolockRenegadesABFRC
2017-03-2720:45:00Senior Ladies Division TwoUCD BelfieldUCD TwoKillester
2017-03-2819:30:00Senior Ladies Division 4St. Josephs of Cluny, KillineyDublin RaidersTigers
2017-03-2821:10:00Senior Ladies Division 3Oblate Hall, InchicoreOblatesBallybrack
2017-03-2819:10:00Senior Ladies Division TwoSt. Brigids, CastleknockTridentsUCD One
2017-03-2820:10:00Senior Ladies Division OneMaynooth Post PrimaryTigersTolka Rovers
2017-03-2919:15:00Senior Ladies Division 5St. Marks, TallaghtCB GreenbacksNorth East Eagles
2017-03-2920:09:00Senior Ladies Division 3St. Vincents, GlasnevinGlasnevinNaas Serpents
2017-03-3020:15:00Senior Ladies Division OneMaynooth Post PrimaryTigersMeteors One
2017-03-3020:40:00Senior Ladies Division 5Mount TempleNorthside NetsUCD
2017-03-3020:10:00Senior Ladies Division 5ABFRC, ArtaneABFRCDublin Lions
2017-03-3019:10:00Senior Ladies Division 4CollinstownDublin LionsKillester
2017-03-3020:40:00Senior Ladies Division 3St. Colmcilles, KnocklyonPegasusBallybrack
2017-03-3020:30:00Senior Ladies Division TwoMalahide Community SchoolMalahideMaol Og
2017-03-3020:45:00Senior Ladies Division TwoUCD BelfieldUCD OneUCD Two
2017-03-3120:00:00Senior Ladies Division 3Oblate Hall, InchicoreOblatesGlasnevin

Results from Senior Games for last 7 Days
Date Division Home Team Away Team Score Winner
2017-03-20Senior Ladies Division OneFirhouseMeteors Two56-63Meteors Two
2017-03-20Senior Ladies Division 5Dublin LionsUCD21-30UCD
2017-03-20Senior Ladies Division 3RathminesPegasus25-31Pegasus
2017-03-20Senior Ladies Division OneKillesterDCU Mercy
2017-03-21Senior Ladies Division 5TridentsMalahide26-51Malahide
2017-03-21Senior Ladies Division TwoTridentsMalahide32-50Malahide
2017-03-22Senior Ladies Division 5CB GreenbacksDublin Lions17-38Dublin Lions
2017-03-22Senior Ladies Division 4KillesterTolka Rovers25-63Tolka Rovers
2017-03-22Senior Ladies Division 3TridentsNaas Serpents
2017-03-22Senior Ladies Division 3GlasnevinRathmines44-48Rathmines
2017-03-22Senior Ladies Division 3Dublin LionsKubs57-53Dublin Lions
2017-03-23Senior Ladies Division OneTridentsMeteors One
2017-03-23Senior Ladies Division 4RangersTigers
2017-03-23Senior Ladies Division 5ABFRCTridents15-39Tridents
2017-03-23Senior Ladies Division 3FirhousePegasus46-50Pegasus
2017-03-23Senior Ladies Division 5MalahideUCD47-30Malahide
2017-03-24Senior Ladies Division 3OblatesDublin Lions45-48Dublin Lions
2017-03-24Senior Ladies Division TwoAer LingusUCD One