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home Dublin Development plays Cork Development Under 16 RECENTLY Cork Under 16 Development teams travelled to Dublin and played our Under 16 Development squad coached by Pete McGreevy. A great day's basketball was had by all. Pictured above are the participating players from both Cork and Dublin.

Top Four: Basketball Arena, Tallaght, 27th, 28th April, 2019

COURT 1:    Top 4:   Saturday April 27th, 2019
Time League Home Team Away Team First Round Winners
10:00 Senior 5 1st Place Fourth Place
11:30 Senior 4 1st Place Fourth Place
13:00 Senior 3 1st Place Fourth Place
14:30 Senior 2 1st Place Fourth Place
16:00 Senior 1 1st Place Fourth Place

COURT 2:    Top 4:   Saturday April 27th, 2019
Time League Home Team Away Team First Round Winners
10:00 Senior 5 Second Place Third Place
11:30 Senior 4 Second Place Third Place
13:00 Senior 3 Second Place Third Place
14:30 Senior 2 Second Place Third Place
16:00 Senior 1 Second Place Third Place

Top 4: FINALS: Sunday April 28th, 2019
Time League Home Team Away Team TOP 4 WINNERS
10:00 Senior 5 Winners Court 1 Winners Court 2
11:30 Senior 4 Winners Court 1 Winners Court 2
13:00 Senior 3 Winners Court 1 Winners Court 2
14:30 Senior 2 Winners Court 1 Winners Court 2
16:00 Senior 1 Winners Court 1 Winners Court 2

Cup Finals - Results and Winners

CUP FINALS Saturday 2nd March, 2019
Time Section Home Team Away Team Cup Winners
10:00 Under 12 Meteors (25) Templeogue(27) Templeogue
11:30 Under 14 Ongar Chasers (19) Liffey Celtics (38) Liffey Celtics
13:00 Under 16 Meteors (39) Templeogue (26) Meteors
14:30 Under 18 Templeogue (50) Liffey Celtics (62) Liffey Celtics
16:00 Under 15 Dublin Lions (45) Liffey Celtics (67) Liffey Celtics

CUP FINALS Sunday 3rd March, 2019
Time Section Home Team Away Team Cup Winners
10:00 Under 13 Liffey Celtics (51) Malahide One (27) Liffey Celtics
11:30 Under 17 Templeogue (42) ET Lifey Celtics (44)ET Liffey Celtics
13:00 Junior Rathdrum (48) UCD (40) Rathdrum
14:30 Intermediate Oblates (37) Meteors(59) Meteors
16:00 Senior Liffey Celtics (57) Templeogue (55) Liffey Celtics

NRC: Referee Rule Amendments 2018

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DLBB Committee

Available Coaching Courses

Below is a link to several coaching courses that are coming up. With the new system it is easy to book your place online through the basketball Ireland shop. It will be a requirement to register with Basketball Ireland that you must have completed at least an Intro Coaching Course and a Child Protection course. Just click on link below.

DLBB Mission Statement:

“The DLBB are passionately committed to the development of basketball in the Dublin area. We are proud of the size and strength of our leagues and we have worked very hard to grow our association to its current size in Ireland. Our priority is and will always be the future of the Dublin leagues and we need to continue with our agenda particularly around our underage development programme which competes at national level in the AICCs. As Link agreements are for the development of basketball in other area boards we do not see that they are compatible with our development programmes and therefore we will not be engaging in Link Agreements for the foreseeable future.”

Club Child Protection Guidelines

Basketball Ireland has put together a document outlining various items with regard to Child Protection, Garda Vetting etc., with links to the various Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, etc. Please Click Here to download document

Senior Games for next 7 Days
Date Time Division Venue Home Team Away Team
2019-03-2020:30:00Senior Ladies Division 5St. Vincents, Castleknock CollegeTridentsDublin Lions
2019-03-2020:30:00Senior Ladies Division 5St. Laurence O TooleRathdrumOblates
2019-03-2020:10:00Senior Ladies Division 3St. Vincents, GlasnevinGlasnevinRathmines
2019-03-2019:15:00Senior Ladies Division 3UCD Sports ComplexUCDMeteors
2019-03-2120:40:00Senior Ladies Division 5Mount TempleNorthside NetsOblates
2019-03-2120:40:00Senior Ladies Division 4CollinstownDublin LionsRenegades
2019-03-2119:20:00Senior Ladies Division 4St. Fintins, SuttonKillesterMalahide
2019-03-2119:10:00Senior Ladies Division 1The Teresian School, Stillorgan Road, DonnybrookMeteorsDCU Mercy
2019-03-2119:50:00Senior Ladies Division 3Firhouse Community CentreFirhouseOngar Chasers
2019-03-2119:20:00Senior Ladies Division 1St. Davids ArtaneKillesterTempleogue
2019-03-2120:15:00Senior Ladies Division 2Maynooth Post PrimaryTigersMalahide
2019-03-2119:40:00Senior Ladies Division 1Oblate Hall, InchicoreOblatesLiffey Celtics
2019-03-2120:45:00Senior Ladies Division 2St. Marys, NaasNaas SerpentsTolka Rovers
2019-03-2220:10:00Senior Ladies Division 5St. Laurence O TooleRathdrumSpringfield
2019-03-2219:40:00Senior Ladies Division 2ALSAAAer LingusKillester
2019-03-2520:45:00Senior Ladies Division 1UCD Sports ComplexUCDFirhouse
2019-03-2521:00:00Senior Ladies Division 2Moyle Park, ClondalkinDublin LionsMalahide
2019-03-2519:40:00Senior Ladies Division 5Mount TempleCB GreenbacksABFRC
2019-03-2520:40:00Senior Ladies Division 3Hansfield Educate Together Sec, SchOngar ChasersGlasnevin
2019-03-2519:20:00Senior Ladies Division 1St. Davids ArtaneKillesterMeteors
2019-03-2620:15:00Senior Ladies Division 3Maynooth Post PrimaryTigersRathmines
2019-03-2619:40:00Senior Ladies Division 2Colaiste Brid, ClondalkinMaol OgTigers
2019-03-2620:00:00Senior Ladies Division 5CollinstownDublin LionsNorthside Nets
2019-03-2719:40:00Senior Ladies Division 5Mount TempleCB GreenbacksTridents
2019-03-2720:30:00Senior Ladies Division 4St. Vincents College, CastleknockTridentsDublin Lions
2019-03-2719:15:00Senior Ladies Division 5St. Marks, TallaghtSpringfieldUCD
2019-03-2720:10:00Senior Ladies Division 3St. Vincents, GlasnevinGlasnevinUCD

Results from Senior Games for last 7 Days
Date Division Home Team Away Team Score Winner
2019-03-13Senior Ladies Division 4TridentsFirhouse
2019-03-13Senior Ladies Division 2KillesterNaas Serpents
2019-03-13Senior Ladies Division 2Dublin LionsTolka Rovers
2019-03-14Senior Ladies Division 1MeteorsFirhouse
2019-03-14Senior Ladies Division 5Northside NetsABFRC36-12Northside Nets
2019-03-14Senior Ladies Division 5Dublin LionsSpringfield38-44Springfield
2019-03-14Senior Ladies Division 4KillesterRenegades31-26Killester
2019-03-14Senior Ladies Division 4MalahideTridents
2019-03-14Senior Ladies Division 3MeteorsUCD60-39Meteors
2019-03-14Senior Ladies Division 3TigersGlasnevin20-0Tigers
2019-03-14Senior Ladies Division 2TridentsMalahide49-47Tridents
2019-03-14Senior Ladies Division 2Tolka RoversMaol Og
2019-03-14Senior Ladies Division 1DCU MercyTempleogue
2019-03-15Senior Ladies Division 5OblatesUCD
2019-03-19Senior Ladies Division 2Dublin RaidersMaol Og45-29Dublin Raiders
2019-03-19Senior Ladies Division 2Tolka RoversNaas Serpents